04 Corporate Services

Corporate Services Hampsons Corporate Limited

Hampsons Corporate Limited provides comprehensive corporate and administration services in the Cayman Islands.

Corporate Services Providerin the Cayman Islands

Hampsons Corporate Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hampson and Company licensed to provide corporate services under the Cayman Islands Companies Management Act.

05 Corporate Transactions

Company Formation

The experienced staff at Hampsons Corporate Limited can assist with the incorporation or registration of all forms of Cayman Islands entities, companies (exempt or ordinary), LLCs, Foundation Companies, Segregated Portfolio Companies, Limited Partnerships (exempt or ordinary).

  • Full incorporation or registration process of all forms of Cayman Islands legal entities
  • Providing advice on the types of Cayman Islands entities available
  • Guidance on name availability and reservation of names
  • Provision of all official corporate documentation
  • Advice on local laws, regulations, procedures, reporting requirements and timelines
  • Advice on applications for professional licenses
01 Expertise

Registered Office Services

Under the laws of the Cayman Islands, all non-domestic legal entities are required to appoint and maintain a registered office in the Cayman Islands. While this is generally to ensure that each such entity has an official address through which the Registrar of Companies, government authorities or other third parties may formally communicate or serve documents, the registered office services may also include:

  • The provision and maintenance of the statutory registers of the legal entity (such as the register of directors, register of members and register of mortgages and charges)
  • Ensuring all resolutions passed by the entity are duly filed with the relevant registrar, kept on the minute book and changes to the constitutive documents of such entity are recorded and filed as required by law
  • Ensuring all regulatory filings and annual returns are made promptly and correctly
  • Forwarding all correspondence for the legal entity
  • Liaising with CIMA on any registrations or filings or payments relating to such registration
  • Obtaining certificates from the appropriate registrar (such as good standing certificates, incumbency certificates and tax exemption certificates)
03 Licensing

Trade & Business Licensing

Under the laws of the Cayman Islands, an individual or a corporate entity that intends to carry on business must obtain a licence to do so. The most common form of licence is a Trade & Business Licence, issued by the Department of Commerce and Investment pursuant to the Trade & Business Licensing Act. A licence is required for each separate business operation even if a single entity is carrying on multiple operations.

All corporate entities intending to conduct business within the jurisdiction, i.e. locally must be majority Caymanian owned and controlled. If a corporate entity wishes to conduct business locally but does not have the requisite Caymanian participation, it must apply for a licence under the Local Companies (Control) Act.

Our team at Hampsons Corporate is able to provide the required assistance and advice in relation to Trade & Business Licenses. We assist with the entire application process, including renewals, amendments and cancellations.

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